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[Phalla] Ace Attorney: Turnabout Phalla - Finale: Crime of the Century

MrBlarneyMrBlarney Registered User regular
edited September 2011 in Critical Failures
Richard Cox: Ace Attorney: Turnabout Phalla

A MrBlarney Production
Based off the Ace Attorney series of games by Capcom


Angeles Bay, the shining metropolis of the western coast and home to many a person with big dreams. A prosperous city, with many opportunities, but also a city with many threats and dangers. Crime is not an unknown in the city, and to combat it, a tough judicial system has been put in place. Talented lawyers on both sides on the bench work hard in trials that are swift and harsh. It is a system that will be soon be put to the test with the crime of the century...

This is a Phalla game, Penny Arcade Forum's version of the party game Mafia. If this is your first game, it will be informative to visit the linked topic for some background information. The game is somewhat inspired by the Ace Attorney series of adventure games developed and published by Capcom. In these games, players take the role of a defense lawyer, acting both inside and outside the courtroom to prove their clients' innocence and find the true culprit. No knowledge of the game series is required for the game, as the mechanics have been quite abstracted from their source.

Genre: Traditional (Village vs. Mafia)


In the court of law, evidence is of the highest importance. In this game, most players will be able to produce or change evidence on other players, affecting how they will be viewed by the courts. Evidence is abstracted as a number, with positive numbers being evidence toward guilt and negative numbers being evidence toward innocence. Players who are taken to court by certain abilities will have their evidence tallied up and judgment potentially placed upon them. A player who has evidence totaling at least +12 will be found guilty by the courts and locked up, eliminated from the game. Conversely, players who have evidence totaling -12 or less will be found innocent and gain immunity to further evidence manipulations; furthermore, positive evidence will be counted against the user instead. If a player's evidence total falls between these amounts, then there is no effect. However, if a player visits court three times without a judgment, they will automatically be found guilty. Players will not know how much evidence is on them until a judgment has been handed down.


There are exceptions to every rule, and not all judgments are based on evidence alone. Vote for the player who you find most suspicious in bold red with "!vote for <player name>" or similar phrase. You may retract a vote by posting "!retract vote for <player name>" or similar phrase in bold limegreen or change your vote by making another one in bold red. The player who receives the most votes will be locked up and eliminated from the game. Should there be a tie in the vote, then all players involved in the tie will be eliminated, as well as the player that instigated the tie, whether that be due to a vote being placed or a vote being removed. If the vote winner is eliminated before the vote is resolved, there will be no "trickle down".

Voting will close each day at 9PM PDT / 12AM EDT / 4AM UTC; any actions before the hour (x:59) will count, any actions on the hour and later (x:00) will not.

Signing Up

Sign up with the phrase "I !sign up" or similar phrase in bold limegreen or other bright, easily visible color to ensure that your intent to play is acknowledged. There is a maximum limit of 60 players for this game.


It is expected that players make at least two posts and a vote each day to be considered sufficiently active. A warning will be sent on the first day that this requirement is not met, and a replacement will be made on the second consecutive day of inactivity or third day overall. If there are no replacements available, then the player will be eliminated from the game.


Any questions about the general game rules may be made by highlighting the question in bold darkorange text. Answers will be posted in the thread and collected in the below section. Player-specific inquiries that are not addressed in the general rules may be asked via PM to host MrBlarney.

Other Rules

Standard Phalla rules apply: no sharing of host-provided PMs via screenshots and direct quotation. However, information may be shared indirectly, such as through rephrasing. You may not add new players to preexisting private conversations after the first message - start a new conversation instead. No anonymous contact is allowed. All messages must be traceable to a player in the game.

If any players create "proboards" for private communication or interesting conversations including more than two players, please send links for them to the host.

Questions and Answers

Q: What is the order of operations in this game?
A: Personal actions come first, followed by the result of court decisions, with the vote last.

Q: How much information will be revealed from player eliminations and court judgments?
A: Player name, role, and alignment will be revealed upon player elimination, including guilty judgments. Innocent judgments will reveal the role that has been declared innocent.

Q: Are there any advanced Phalla mechanics in play, including conversions, unreliable masons, unreliable seers, thralls, masons, and vote manipulation?
A: No.

Q. If you are taken to court and found innocent, can you be later found guilty due to the number of times you've appeared in court?
A. Once a player has been given an innocent judgment, evidence and court mechanics will no longer affect them.

Q. If a player is found not guilty, are they immune to the vote?
A: No. (Not entirely logical, but the vote is kind of a sacred thing in Phalla.)

Q. Can we draw any information off of innocent judgments or role information?
A. Court judgments are based solely off of evidence, and it would be naive to assume that a player's role is indicative of their alignment without proper justification.

Q: Are all trials brought before the court noted in the daily narration, or just the ones that have had a verdict handed down?
A: Only cases that have fully resolved will be announced.


Because I know you will be using them.
Other things related to the Ace Attorney series can be found at Court Records.

MrBlarney on


  • MrBlarneyMrBlarney Registered User regular
    edited September 2011
    Player List

    kime Wildcat
    Mr. Defecation

    Munkus Beaver
    REG Rysk
    The Anonymous
    Tmoiy Rend


    Eliminated Day 1
    Cythraul - Samuel Buck, Factory Worker
    I needed a name to post - Rose Holly, Old Woman and member of "B:L and the Evil Eight"
    Mordroth - Iris Hawkins, Defense Attorney's Assistant
    romanqwerty - Cliff Hillbrook, Outdoorsman
    Teucrian - Vincent Browning, Struggling Artist

    Eliminated Day 2
    Baidol - Wanda Ruff, Absent-minded Office Worker
    Peccavi - Tatum Hash, Head Chef
    stever777 - Cora Kearn, Agriculture Student at Angeles Bay University
    Void Slayer - Corky Oakley, Housewife

    Eliminated Day 3
    corvidae - Elle Orel, Up-and-coming Defense Attorney
    Drez - Astrid Corona, Astronomer (not astrologer)
    Egos - Locke Warden, Detective
    Gumpy - Sierra Valdez, Private Investigator
    jdarksun - Yuri Fukumiya, Defense Attorney's Assistant
    Terrendos - Katia Quetzal, Prosecutor

    Eliminated Day 4
    Capfalcon - William Armstrong, Hot-Blooded Office Worker
    ecco the dolphin - Haruka Andou, Flower Shop Owner
    Matev - Lyra Vivace, Musician
    Rawkking Goodguy - Carter Sackson, Homeless Person
    Thetheroo - Richard Banks, Millionaire

    Eliminated Day 5
    Bedlam - Nathan Levy, Prosecutor, Dragon of the Court
    Infidel - Richard Cox, Defense Attorney, Lawyer of Legend
    Locus - Vincent Dix, Defense Attorney
    lonelyahava - Han Titan, Struggling Actor
    Lucedes - Ian Valence, Chemist (withdrew)
    Virgil_Leads_You - Michelle Pointer, Software Programmer

    Eliminated Day 6
    Phyphor - Gang Liu, Security Guard
    piL - Jean Corvus, Financial Analyst
    vagrant_winds - Max Irons, Detective
    Wandering Hero - Lucida Valor, Firefighter

    Though their numbers are not quite equal with that of the remaining players (10 to 12), "B:L and the Evil Eight" have enough of the power balance that I am confident in declaring them to have achieved victory in this game! No sense in dragging it out when it's clear that most want the game to end...

    MaxFrost, a.k.a. Devin Seve, Professional Con Artist, has achieved victory as well for survival to the end of the game!

    The player limit for this game was capped at 60 players. Signups were open for the 72 hours following this post.

    Results and Narrations
    Day 1: Crash Landing
    Day 2: A Familiar Name
    Day 3: No News But Bad News
    Day 4: Broken Justice
    Day 5: Action and Inaction
    Day 6: The Defense Rests
    Finale: Crime of the Century

    Host Proboards
    Master Spreadsheet
    Host Notes

    MrBlarney on
  • B:LB:L Registered User regular

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  • CythraulCythraul Registered User regular
    Will you be providing us with periodic vote tabulations? (or spreadsheets, as you're known to do :D)

    Confusion will be my epitaph
  • ThetherooThetheroo Registered User regular
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  • REG RyskREG Rysk Lord Rageface Rageington Registered User regular

  • MrBlarneyMrBlarney Registered User regular
    Cythraul wrote:
    Will you be providing us with periodic vote tabulations? (or spreadsheets, as you're known to do :D)

    You will learn who got the most votes in each day's results. You will get a spreadsheet of votes and actions at the game's conclusion.

  • stever777stever777 AFK most Saturdays Registered User regular

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    Whats are those timezones in GMT?

    Man what the fuck I though I was EST but Im EDT now? Who changed all the letters?

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  • TmoiyTmoiy Registered User
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    looking to redeem myself... i will be my own counsel.....


    also, the jury is rigged.

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    It does please the court

  • LanglyLangly Registered User regular
  • LanglyLangly Registered User regular
    Bedlam wrote:

    Whats are those timezones in GMT?

    Man what the fuck I though I was EST but Im EDT now? Who changed all the letters?

    Daylight savings hasn't ended yet. Edt denotes this. It will be est after november.

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