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looking for dice retailer. not Chessex.

dtglthreedtglthree Registered User
edited September 2011 in PAX Archive
while attending PAX (thanks to the entire crew) I purchased some interesting 6-sided dice laser etched and moulded in interesting designs. NOT Chessex. it was on the 6th floor there were 9 different designs. I'm just wondering if anyone remembers this kiosk and where I can find the store online?

dtglthree on


  • SrenaebSrenaeb Registered User regular
  • dtglthreedtglthree Registered User
    Those are them... Thanks! I got each of my player's one and now i realize i'm gonna want to get more...

  • gorgeousplanetgorgeousplanet Meat Popsicle OregonRegistered User regular
    These were so cool! Thanks for posting the site, these will make great gifts :)

  • akjakakjak Thera Spooky GymRegistered User regular
    According to someone at their booth, 20-siders are coming soon...

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