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Game release tracker app?

raddevonraddevon Registered User
edited September 2011 in PAX Archive
I vaguely remember an iOS app on the floor which tracks game releases for you, but I don't know that I ever even knew the name of it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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  • raddevonraddevon Registered User
    No, it isn't that. I don't think this was a recommendation engine. I believe it merely tracked a list of upcoming games chosen by the user. I remember a large sign that showed the app running on an iPhone. The sign was mostly white with maybe blue text at the top.

    Thanks for the suggestion anyway. Looks like the Decide-o-tron just dropped on the app store!

  • XarthanXarthan Registered User regular
    Sounds like a great thing to have. I found this, not sure if it was this one.

  • gorgeousplanetgorgeousplanet Meat Popsicle OregonRegistered User regular
    Yes game.minder! Darn it, there was an achievement for using it at PAX, but my fiancé didn't tell me about the app until we were home lol. It's seriously one of the most useful apps ever. Only wish it was optimized for iPads!

  • cocowoushicocowoushi Registered User regular
    Yeah, it was probably Game.Minder by the wonderful folks at Handelabra.

  • raddevonraddevon Registered User
    That's the one. Thanks, everyone!

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