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The Thread For Getting PUMPED UP (In the non-exercise way)

The Lovely BastardThe Lovely Bastard Registered User regular
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We got way too many abloo bloo blooing all up in here.

Instead, let's talk about what gets you super pumped up. What gets your adrenaline flowing? What makes you think you are king of the world? How do you get your endorphins rushing?

For some, it might be watching a certain movie or listening to a certain song.

For others it might be going out and doing a thing like sports or building shit.

Maybe even shooting a gun!

Me, personally? I get super pumped up when I am writing. I turn into a chain smoking, pacing, babbling ball of energy, all super jazzed to put the next word on a piece of paper. Crafting a story is the greatest rush I can ever get.

I also get super pumped up when I find a movie I have been scouring for, and even more so when I make people watch said movie. I love sharing my love of cinema both quality and shit with the masses. The biggest grin you will ever see on my face is when I am making someone watch Death Wish 3 if they haven't seen it.

However, there are also few songs that can replicate this feeling:

and this song is super personal to me but gets me so jazzed as well:

So, SE++, quit'cher belly achin' and get PUMPED.

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