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[Recommend]Documentaries on:modern cosmology/astrophysics/quantum mechanics

TaranisTaranis Registered User regular
edited September 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
I love reading and watching anything about these subjects, but I'm by no means an expert. I tend to prefer documentaries, shows, and streaming lectures, due to the fact that I find it easier to grasp these subjects if they are accompanied by a visual explanation (though understandably it isn't always possible). Currently I'm working through a backlog of books, and don't have much time to read now that school is back in session, but book recommendations are still welcome. Unless it's by Stephen Hawking or Brian Greene it's generally safe to assume that I haven't read a relevant book, even though it may be in my quickly growing backlog.

I've watched every relevant documentary, lecture, or show that I could find on:
Google Video
Netflix Instant Watch

Titles that are similar to what I'm looking for:
The Elegant Universe (I enjoyed both the book and the documentary)
Atom Smashers
The Universe
In the Universe With Stephen Hawking
Cosmic Journeys (on Hulu)
Known Universe (on Hulu)

The only constraints are that anything doesn't require an understanding of the mathematics behind these theories/fields, and that they're somewhat current (or at least still relevant). Some math is fine provided that it's explained on a relatively fundamental level. Even if you deem a suggestion likely beyond my grasp, I'd still like to hear it so that I may return to it later.

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