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MOTW 9-7-11: Let's Glide



  • FuruFuru Registered User regular
    Furu wrote:
    Solar wrote:
    Wonder Man would actually be pretty cool if there wasn't a number of small, independently forgiveable but collaboratively annoying features about his character that just make him seem like a goose.

    Hopefully those smaller things will be tidily packed into a dustbin and the cooler things can be used more often.

    This is highly unlikely.

    If a character is going to be salvaged than the longer they're in the lame zone the harder it is to dig them out.

    For instance, Red Hulk has only been around for like what, three or four years? And it took Parker a few months to redeem the character.

    Hank Pym's been awful since the early 70's and no one has managed to elevate him past the lame zone either.

    Wonder Man is doomed to be forever terrible.

    You need to read the Byrne Avengers West Coast run, Furu. And Busiek's Avengers run.

    I have and neither of them have managed to make me like Wonder Man

  • WildcatWildcat Registered User regular
    I picked up Action Comics #1 and found it ... competent. Luthor was of course very well written, Superman is young, brash and bold; the real test for me is of course in relation to his interpersonal relationships, which we didn't see a lot of.

    The bit that made me smile: Jimmy Olsen's text message tone being 'zee zee zee!'.

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