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League of [Phalla] :: A MINI FOR THE AGES :: Day 502 Gateway

InfidelInfidel HereticRegistered User regular
edited September 2011 in Critical Failures
Welcome to the League of Phalla!


What the shit?

This is a mini-phalla based on League of Legends. Knowledge of the game isn't going to save you, but it will probably make this mini more amusing to you.

All standard phalla rules will apply, except ones that don't.

Who in the what now?

25 summoners, 25 champions. 5 summoners are Team Go Evil and looking to conquer all realms. They will stop at nothing, destroying anything that stands in their way. Don't let them Baron!


Grief another player by voting in !bold red, retractions are not necessary and kinda weird to be honest. The player most griefed will ragequit from the game. Vote closes at 10:00pm CDT, votes and actions on the hour will not count.

Ganking: Gank or Be Ganked. Gank squads roam Summoner's Rift looking for kills. A gank squad is defined by who they target privately each night in PM to the host. If Infidel and Ahava send in orders to "gank Spectrum", then the two of them are a gank squad. (It does not matter if those involved know that they are ganking the same target or not, and there is no way to associate other than by your target.) Spectrum will die. Unless, he perhaps is in his own squad. If his squad is larger, and ganking let's say, VWinds, then VWinds who unwisely was roaming solo will die, and Spectrum will be safe because his squad was larger.

Ganks, counterganks, overextensions, good times. Keep in mind that a lot of abilities will affect this mechanic. Every player can send in gank targets each night. Gank strength will never be considered greater than 5.

Every summoner receives a champion randomly. The champion has an ultimate ability, which is a once-per-game ability. Some champions may have further abilities detailed in their PM. Champions are not indicative of alignment. Active abilities should be used by stating you wish to use them in a PM to the host. Passive abilities are always in effect.

Send all orders in reply to your original champ PM, and indicate the current day. Please try to send one PM with all your orders if possible.

Any proboards, send them my way.

Is that it?

Yep. Summoners, wipe out Team Go Evil before they can execute their final plan. If they match your numbers, they will attain victory.


Day 1 - event | results
Day 2 - event | results
Day 3 - event | results
Day 4 - results
Day 5 - results


  1. Spoit - Ashe - ragequit (day 2)
  2. Turkson - Mordekaiser - nom nom nom (day 5)
  3. Alegis - Ezreal - DEMACIA (day 3)
  4. KetBra warban
  5. stever777 - Rammus - ganked (day 2)
  6. Capfalcon - Kassadin - ragequit (day 1)
  7. jdarksun - Jarvan IV - BONK! (day 4)
  8. Phyphor - Teemo - Requiem (day 2)
  9. SeGaTai - Warwick - Requiem (day 2)
  10. REG Rysk

  11. B:L - Garen - ganked (day 3)
  12. Cythraul
  13. wildwood - Amumu - ganked (day 5)
  14. Langly - Annie - Requiem (day 2)
  15. Peccavi - Renekton - DEMACIA (day 2)
  16. MaxFrost - Zilean - ganked (day 1)
  17. 38thDoe
  18. Gumpy
  19. MrTLicious
  20. Matev - Vladimir - ganked (day 3)

  21. kime - Malzahar - ragequit (day 1)
  22. I needed a name to post. - Shen - ragequit (day 5)
  23. Stew_Stick - Karthus - dragon was warded (day 2)
  24. facetious - Katarina (ghosted) - expired (day 5)
  25. Bedlam - Caitlyn - ragequit (day 3)

  • Retaba
  • corvidae
  • Mr. Defecation
  • warban
  • Rawkking Goodguy
  • Kay
  • The Anonymous
  • Sir Fabulous
  • SLyM

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