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Awesome: 'Refinishing Old Wood [Update] [Lock Please]' by Figgy

FiggyFiggy Registered User regular
edited September 2011 in [2008-2012] Awesome Posts?
It's done! Thanks for the tips everyone!

It looks a lot shinier in these pics because of the flash.


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daniant wrote:
Alright, looks like I'm giving up golden showers for Lent.
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  • AldoAldo Hippo Hooray the swamp, always the swampRegistered User regular
    Oh I guess this is the actual frame. Durp.

    Elendil wrote: »
    said Aldo hazily, before clop-clop-clopping out of the room
  • Dropping LoadsDropping Loads Registered User regular
    edited September 2011
    Beated, this is awesome indeed.

    Dropping Loads on
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  • godmodegodmode Nooo-ooo-ooo... That ain't dancin', SallyRegistered User regular
    Very awesome!

  • GoatmonGoatmon Don't worry about me Someone has to take care of these flowersRegistered User regular
  • TefTef Registered User regular
    That is pure class, right there. Awesome work figgy!

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