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Quick Sketch Video

AlphasimAlphasim Registered User new member
edited September 2011 in Artist's Corner
Hey all. I really enjoy PA. My favorite part would be the Gabe Art portion, showing the comics as they're drawn. I've been working on my own web comic for the last two years or so and was curious what I looked liked while drawing a comic. I use Manga Studio Debut and a Wacom Bamboo tablet for my work. The video is on YouTube and it's me drawing the comic from start to finish for next Sunday, the 18th, so it's also a preview of a future strip. It's also sped to 8x speed, because I experimented with other rates, from real time to 32x and 8x was the most balanced.

I'm curious what other people think of my work. I'm not a really good artist but I've been at it since I was little, and the characters in this strip were conceived back in '99. My biggest issue is consistency. What does everyone (or anyone) think?

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  • NibCromNibCrom Registered User regular
    The placement of your word balloons is haphazard. There's plenty of room in the upper left corner of your first panel, but one of your balloons is covering up one of your characters. You can plan that out in the thumbnail phase of the drawing.

    Being consistent comes with practice. You can also improve it by using the same geometric shapes for your characters when your doing your rough drawing. It was difficult to tell if your were doing that at the beginning of the video, the blue lines were hard to read.

    I would zoom in much closer when you are drawing your lines. It makes it easier to draw them smoothly.

    Keep on practicing!

  • AlphasimAlphasim Registered User new member
    My characters are mostly geometric shapes; ovals, squares and triangles, so I use that. I'm definitely going to keep practicing. I'm going to get back into my weekly schedule and release a new comic every Sunday. I usually do zoom in more, but I kinda did it the way I did for the video.

    My lines actually shake because my hands shake. lol It's a muscle thing. As for the bubbles, they are haphazard I guess. If you go back through my archives on my site, you'll see that they're not my strong point. I should probably just do a few practice panels just to work on placing the bubbles. Thanks for the heads up.

    If I make a new video (and I might, because it was fun) I'll use a darker color for the sketching phase for visibility. It honestly didn't dawn on me that it would be hard to see until I watched the video. "Dammit," I thought. lol Would there be interest in seeing a new vid? I may make one either way. I hope you liked it!

    Stop by for my webcomic and for my game site.
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