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Creature Design Thread, Pure and Simple

PersonfacePersonface HAILGAY SATANRegistered User regular
edited September 2011 in Singularity Engine++

In much of today's media, be it game, cinema or literature, painting or sculpture, prose or poetry, one encounters the monster.
We are not here to discuss the finer philosophical points of the monster as a figure of the unknown, or a manifestation of humanity's inner animal chaos. (So STOP DOING THAT, JEEZ)
We are here to talk about the exquisite art of designing these selfsame monsters. And to share and share alike our vast reserves of favourite creature design in any media.
So i'll start with a classic, maybe the greatest we will see in our time
And i'll bullshit for about a paragraph under the spoiler, feel free to do likewise with your images.
The Xenomorph is almost perfect as a design because, like all great monsters it enscapulates every aspect of the human psyche we abhor - it is a faceless, bestial destructive force, both male and female simultaneously - male in it's phallic appearance and aggressive manner, female in it's personification of the vast u unknown and peculiar method of reproduction (These traits are exemplified in the Queen, who completes the Mother/Maiden/Crone triad in Aliens). It's form is redolent of a human structure but heavily altered and grotesquely textured - the tail is especially important, because it pushes the design off of intelligent humanoid territory and into deep reptilian zones - it is our aforementioned animal chaos and sexual self-destructiveness manifest.


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