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Suggestions for future PAX events

RolandDeschainRolandDeschain Registered User
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Double the cost of the tickets, get a lot more space, and have the top few MAJOR games setup significantly more computers. (The major games are pretty easy to predict even a year in advance, by and large.) Nobody wants to find out a line for playing a game is closed for the whole day 20 minutes after the place opens. (SWTOR on Saturday)

Seriously, the tickets are just flat-out too cheap right now. Much more space is needed for the top 3-5 games each year. Hell, even triple the ticket cost and help subsidize the cost of having gaming machines available at the booths for playing games on, if that's what it takes. PAX is still an enjoyable experience, but good God, some lessons need to be learned from major theme parks in terms of managing the lines for rides.

Also, those of you that are just plain cheap, don't tell me you can't afford a higher ticket cost or whatever. $60 for a 3-day pass? Are you kidding me? I can't even go to a fine steakhouse for that, but it gets me 24 hours inside the Expo center over the course of three days? A lot of people fly in from around the country and end up spending a bare minimum of 10 times (and more like 20-40 times) the cost of their ticket on airfare, lodging and food for the event. Doubling or tripling the ticket price has no real impact. I live in Kirkland, just 20 minutes from downtown Seattle, and even I spent more on just food and gas than the cost of the three-day pass.

Please, bump up the ticket prices significantly and provide a much better experience in terms of line queues at popular games. :) This isn't McDonald's, we don't need a proverbial 99-cent cheeseburger on the menu.

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