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[PATV] Extra Credits s.3 e.8 - Cutscenes



  • SkexisSkexis Registered User regular
    Where has Extra Credits been all of my life? On a lark I watched the newest episode 10 and then worked my way backwards a bit...great show with some thought-provoking discussion about the development process, or at least the effort and possible pitfalls involved with development.

    It's just nice to see some enthusiasts other than myself interested in the direction of the industry. It's what drew me to the PA community in the first place, really.

  • ZeeZee Registered User
    @Draygo: "HL2 has several cutscenes, some that take away control from the player completely, and others where they 'trap' you either in an elevator or transportation device, let you freely look around but not interact at all with your surroundings."
    So riding in an elevator constitutes cutscenes to you? I don't think I can convince you of what I'm saying then if that's your definition of a cutscene, but man, you must be disappointed by the many many boring cutscenes out there in which you stare at a wall. For the rest of us, who remember how cutscenes were operationalized in the EC episode, and who have a reasonable definition for what is meant by a cutscenes, HL2 certainly blurs the line. I tend to think that it doesn't have cutscenes, just some very contrived ways to force you to be a spectator. I think being limited in your options is fine, and often, it heightens the realism. (IE: in real life situations, you are sometimes just forced to watch, and feel helpless) Heck, I've had Team Fortress 2 matches where I saw my teammates slowly blunder and lose the game, but was just too far to get there and do something about it. There was no action around me, but there was action to be seen, yet due to the limitation of sheer space, I couldn't interact with that action.

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