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Trenches comic: Thursday Sept. 15, 2011



  • jothkijothki Registered User regular
    What do developers and testers do in that kind of situation, anyway? Obviously they have to make sure that unassisted triple plays actually work, instead of doing something like bricking the console. Do they rig up special builds just to test obscure aspects?

  • jwalkjwalk Registered User regular
    they do today, yes, but he said this was a long time ago before such practices were used.

  • MilknutMilknut Registered User regular
    Yep. Back in the original Final Fantasy whenever the devs wanted to test a section they had to play through the entire game up to that point.

    Twenty million kids are eaten by bats every second.
  • IncenjucarIncenjucar Audio Game Developer Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    edited September 2011
    I'm enjoying the comic, but I tend to like stories over gags.

    Also, to this day, games exist which require actual lengthy effort to test things. Sometimes there just isn't the time to code all the possible ways to modify the game for easy testing. Heck, remember how many YEARS it took for City of Heroes to get the option to Walk instead of Run?

    Incenjucar on
  • MaigaardMaigaard Registered User regular
    Man, is anyone else just super bored by the comic so far? The only thing that's piqued my interest is the "breaking the law" part, which they refused to flesh out right away; a move that might have made this comic sorta interesting, at least for a while. But instead they hold out on us and continue to just cock about.

  • RoyceSraphimRoyceSraphim Registered User regular
    unassisted triple play

    *reads unassisted triple play wiki*

  • Bendery It Like BeckhamBendery It Like Beckham Hopeless Registered User regular

  • Triple BTriple B Bastard of the North MARegistered User regular
    rhylith wrote:
    I like the art, the tester stories are interesting, the comic has potential to be really funny once it gets rolling, and the creators have a proven track record. They do need to get to the point fairly soon but I'm going to continue following it.

    This. It's been very slow to develop, almost to the point that my attention span has given up. Almost.

    steam_sig.png XBL: FiveAgainst1
  • runwiledrunwiled Registered User regular
    I think it was touched upon correctly before. None of the triumvirate know about games testing, nor have they done much outside of being...well...themselves for quite some time. The rebuttal of, "They find it interesting so why not write about it?" doesn't work because then you have to ask: "What about the comic's humour so far relies on it being a QA environment?" This could be a comic about any office job, or job interview process. Where's the hook? Why write in this scenario if you're not going to tap it for its humour? I'm assuming that will come, but it wouldn't have hurt to just drop in right into the scenario, with all the characters there and the situation. Isn't that how PvP started essentially? I don't recall there being a build-up to how the magazine started.

    And I'd like to think that Mike, Jerry or Scott would be interested in what their readers are saying about the strip. In fact, I'd like to know what THEY think about it. We've heard nothing. The Trenches page itself doesn't have editorial content from any of them, and on PA and PVP it's just a link you can click. It all feels rather Dead On Arrival.

    I agree with other posters. We complain and criticise because we care. We want it to be good and so far we have been left wanting. Here's hoping it turns itself around.

  • HewnHewn Registered User regular
    My main interest lies in the stories below the comic and the subsequent discussion of them here.

    Steam: hewn
    Warframe: TheBaconDwarf
  • Human ShieldHuman Shield Registered User
    Harriet wrote:
    I'm just wondering, why be angry?
    Why is it that someone can't voice an opinion of disappointment without being labeled "angry"? That's just lazy. That's trying to blow off everything I say by suggesting that I'm not thinking clearly.
    Can they not make the comic they want to make?
    If a person wants to make a comic using Microsoft Paint that details the life of a grocery store bag boy in all its pathetic detail, they absolutely can. And I can still voice my opinion of said comic, now can't I? Why do all of your responses to me have to do with basically suggesting that if I want something to succeed by being better than it currently is, I should shut up and go away? Because that's basically what you're saying and you know it. I don't like the strip so far? Don't read it! Why do I keep coming back? Gosh, it's almost like I answered that question already.
    But still the subject interests them enough that they desire to make a comic about it.
    GREAT! I would love to see that comic! Right now, I'm not. I'm seeing a comic about the trials and tribulations of finding a job in this economy and the wacky hijinx of a desperate unemployed individual versus an alcoholic HR guy.
    So Trenches doesn't tell your story. So Trenches doesn't tell your jokes. That sucks, considering that's what you want, but there are other people who are happy with Trenches or at least willing to give it a chance.
    I don't want them to tell my story, I want them to make a comic. Even if they suddenly changed their minds and made it an entirely different job, the humor demonstrated thus far is juvenile at best, and that's what my main complaint is. I could handle waiting through the interview process if the level of comedy was above dick jokes and vaudeville-style incompetence. And again, why is it that I cannot express a dissenting viewpoint just because YOU and OTHER PEOPLE are content to chuckle at "teeheehee his name sounds like I suck cocks!"... a joke so lame that people acknowledged it weeks before the characters in the story even got around to pointing it out? Go ahead and say this is just the brand of humor you're looking for, but don't tell me I can't push for something a little higher up the comedy ladder.
    I guess I'm just trying to rationalize for myself how the two of us can view the same material and have such differing opinions of it.
    Perhaps because the subject matter isn't something dear to you like it is to me? And to see it being reduced to this bland, predictable and amateurish style of humor is disheartening.
    But why are you still here?
    aaaaaaand there you go. "Why don't you just leave if you don't like it?" something I addressed from the getgo. Hooray for waiting until the end to say it and make me read all that I guess.

  • Wolfie7828Wolfie7828 Registered User
    I am not sure that this comic is meant to be as laugh out loud funny as Penny-Arcade or PVP. I think it is more that the guys have a story they want to tell and that while it will include humor telling the story is more important than telling an individual joke. I don't know if anyone here reads the other comic from the guy that does Sheldon, but it is called Drive and I think the idea behind it is similar. That the overall story is meant to be taken seriously but that the characters involved are so strange and or funny that funny things do happen in the context of the story.

  • Human ShieldHuman Shield Registered User
    I see the word "funny" being floated around, and if you look at the strips, they are clearly trying to be funny. Perhaps they should stop trying and just tell the story if that's what their main objective is, because these attempts at humor (bad attempts) make it seem like it's supposed to be a comic strip, and not simply a story being told in cartoon form.

  • Triple BTriple B Bastard of the North MARegistered User regular
    Perhaps the proper term is now "graphic e-novel".

    steam_sig.png XBL: FiveAgainst1
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