HP TouchPad for drawing?

The LandoStanderThe LandoStander Registered User regular
I'm curious about finding out more exact specs on what the sensitivity/dpi is on the TouchPad's screen. I work in a business arm of HP and I have the option to snatch one up for the new lower price with my employee discount but the only reason I'm even remotely interested is because my wife is an artist and I thought it might be a cheap way for her to be able to sketch digitally.

I don't expect it to outperform a Wacom or anything like that of course, it's only going to wind up costing me less than $99 after all. I'm not concerned about the lack of a good drawing app for WebOS either since that's something that might be changed as opposed to the touchscreen. Some guy selling a drawing of a TouchPad on Ebay pretty much blocked my google-fu on this subject.

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    JohnDoeJohnDoe Registered User regular
    $99 for a TouchPad is a fantastic deal, but I don't think it will be useful for drawing.

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    ben0207ben0207 Registered User regular
    Assuming it's as accurate as an iPad, it's alright for quick sketches but you won't be producing any real work on it.

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    ApostateApostate Prince SpaceRegistered User regular
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    I've been looking for something like this as well just for light sketching and web surfing. However, as I understand it, the tablets out now all use capacitive sensing tech for the screen. This means it does not have anyway to sense the pressure or angle of a stylus, greatly limiting what you can actually do visually.

    Until they come out with a solution around this (a wired or wireless stylus that contains the pressure/angle sensor itself maybe) I don't see myself getting one.

    Edit: Well it looks like they did make what I thought. http://www.n-trig.com/Content.aspx?Page=DigitalPencil
    Can't seem to find prices for it. Also looks like it may only work with some newer tablets.

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