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the hush before winter

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Can you feel it, SE++? The whistle in the wind, the bite in the air? The crackle of the fireplaces and the changing colors? Autumn is here! Autumn is a season that can be appreciated by everyone!


If you like sports, fall is the best season around! Baseball is heading to the playoffs, college and professional football has begun, and hockey is right around the corner. Soccer is also doing their thing which is pretty cool, and fall is a huge time for youth soccer around the country!


Do you like food? Fall is also pretty great for food. Not only is the best holiday in the American Universe (Thanksgiving) celebrated in the fall, but it is centered around eating delicious harvest bounty and celebrating being thankful for everything you have been given in the last year! Who else loves pumpkin pie?


Fall is the best season for beer as well! Oktoberfest takes place during this period and it's the time when breweries unveil their seasonal favorites. Whether it's a pumpkin pie stout, or a delicious harvest ale, beer lovers around the world come out to enjoy drinking spirits and eating soft pretzels together.


You know what another great thing about this season is? Hoodie weather! Fall is a great time for clothing. From warm flannel shirts to unflattering skinny jeans, this is the best time to mix and match all of your favorite garments. From scarves and hats to boots and TOMS, fall is the time to show off your wardrobe!


Are you a vampire, ghost or Buzz Lightyear? If so, you probably love Halloween! It's a big part of this season. On October 31st of every year, kids of all ages dress up in costumes and go trick or treating, hoping to score pillowcases full of delicious candy. This is also when your creepy neighbor will open his doors and invite you inside for "treats."

There's a whole lot more of things that make fall awesome, but rather than having me tell you about how great they are, I'd love to hear what you think about this great season, SE++! Weave for me your tales, and don't forget to bundle up!

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