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Need Help Planning an 11y/o airsoft bday

DaemonionDaemonion Mountain ManUSARegistered User regular
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Hello PA,

My cousin is turning 11 and has been really into airsoft for about two years now. He is having a small party with three of his friends and I am taking it upon myself to think of some really fun airsoft-based scenarios to help make his birthday special.

The house is on about five wooded acres, with a central swingset that that has been turned into a fortress. There is one bolt-action rifle, two spring shotguns, three spring-pistols, one AEG, and a gnarly PVC rocket launcher that shoots Nerf mini-footballs (made that guy myself :)) to go around. Everyone has the proper safety gear, of course. Aside from the four kids, my cousin's dad and myself can play if needed/they want us to. Help me come up with fun ideas!

So far:
- American Gladiator style objectives (kids have to run from station to station, using whatever gun is there to take out objectives while his dad and I shoot at them from afar)
- Cell phone (each "base" has a cellphone. The opposing team must get into the enemy base use their cell to call the opposing cell phone to win).
- Attack and defend (Each player has a certain number of respawns. Defenders defend from swing-set fortress. Attackers must make it to the PVC launcher and launch a football into the fortress to win)
- 2v2 elimination
- Zombie

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  • FiggyFiggy Fighter of the night man Champion of the sunRegistered User regular
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    Free-for-all post-apocalypse survival scenario?

    Start em off with a story as you drive them out to the woods. Drop em off and let them fend for themselves.

    Hide "survival packages" in the woods that the kids can find. They can have cardboard food containers, ammunition, a compass, parts of a map to other caches, or even guns. Each kid has to have a carton of food by the end of each "day" or they starve. You signal the end of the day by blowing an air horn/whistle. The kids are made to spread out at first, and they're free to form alliances with each other and try to survive together, but there can be only one remaining survivor one way or another!

    If they work together, have the adults come in as a surprise attack to shake them up, steal their food, etc.

    And you have to have a trophy for the winner.

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