Made a stopmotion inspired by Shakespeare

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There's a man sitting in the forest. He notices that the time has passed and gets all philosophical about it until, the end, that is .
I made a stopmotion short inspired by a monologue form Shakespeare 'As you like it'.
As an amateur animator I'm always looking for ways to improve myself. This project's main purpose
was to practice more lipsyncing, some basic transformation and making different shots.
Well, I did not achieve all my goals but it was the most ambitious until now and I am not displeased.
Hope you like it too?


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    IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator Mod Emeritus
    Stop motion is a tedious, tedious asshole, so I have mad respect for people who do it. I think you are off to a great start. Your camera is a little jerky, and I find your transitions to maybe need a little more inbetweens, they are happening fast. the first transition into old age could have used a visual transition like the one into death, rather than just a jump.

    The audio levels could use some work to, the end is loud, the guys voice is kinda quiet. Do you have a good mic?

    the blinking and lip sync is pretty good though.

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    groeneggroeneg Registered User regular
    Ok, thanks for the comments.
    Yes, I could have used a better mike. Overall I can improve, the only way to achieve it is learning by doing :)

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