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Awesome: 'We're on the ROAD to Evo, Come on Inside! Takin' that ROAD to Evo...' by Radius

RadiusRadius Registered User regular
edited September 2011 in [2008-2012] Awesome Posts?
Is it the 0-10 matchup against Inspector Gadget that's getting to you?


  • JAEFJAEF Unstoppably Bald Registered User regular
    ? Needs more context.

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  • ChanusChanus Registered User regular
    Dr. Claw is the bad guy in Inspector Gadget.

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  • Evil MultifariousEvil Multifarious Registered User regular
    JAEF wrote:
    ? Needs more context.

    Vega in SF is called Claw to avoid confusion, since Vega in Japan is the name for the character we call M. Bison (who is here known as Dictator)

    a "matchup" is a projection of how many games any two characters would win out of ten against each other with high-level players at the same skill level, based on tournament results and etc.

    Dr. Claw is the villain of Inspector Gadget, and always loses and waves his claw menacingly in rage

    kind of an in-joke, obviously

    Inquisitor wrote: »
    I fucking hate you Canadians.
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