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D20 Mafia ideas and concept pitches please

texasheattexasheat Registered User regular
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So, my friends and i are about to start up a D20 Mafia Game. We've played in the past(1921 Itilian mob in NYC), and really enjoy the entire concept of Mafia family life and gameplay. We don't really care for D20, but hey, we work with what we go. So, I've told the guys were going to try to run a 1980's Irish mob family in downtown London (their choice not mine). Here's the thing. I don't know much about the Irish Mafia, nor do i know much about London in the 1980's, as i was born in 84 in Texas. London, even england, didn't really appear on my scope of where's that until the early 90's.

So i figured i'd hit the forums and see if anyone had any fun ideas they have. I'm also looking for anyone that was around London, or England as a whole during the 80's. Finally i'm looking for info on Irish mafia life. I'm SURE it's quite different than the italian mafia i've done so much research on. If anyone has any good sources to point me too i'd really appriciate it.

Quick thought while writing this, would Dublin be better starting point than London?

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