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Online Finance Management

Forbe!Forbe! Registered User regular
edited September 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
I am looking for a good way to manage my finances online. Preferably something that includes loan management/budgeting. is out of the question as they do not support my credit union.

Forbe! on


  • DeShadowCDeShadowC Registered User regular
    Since you mentioned you're using a credit union have you checked with them? Mine offers a free system called finance work that does all that straight from your account, and offers suggestions to save money.

  • Forbe!Forbe! Registered User regular
    Yeah nothing like that on there, just your standard transaction history.

  • xraydogxraydog Registered User regular
    The only other finance site I know of is which does something very similar to mint. Maybe they support your credit union?

  • Forbe!Forbe! Registered User regular
    Isn't bundle mostly about product recommendation?

  • Skoal CatSkoal Cat Registered User
    I thought Mint could use any bank as long as you had online access to your account

    ceres wrote: »
    Skoal Cat is correct.
  • Forbe!Forbe! Registered User regular
    Apparently not certain banks. Their support website seems to show that many other people have the same problem. When adding my account, it asks for a security question that my bank doesn't even have as an option.

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