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Netflix bars / download speed

BurtletoyBurtletoy Registered User regular
edited September 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
I just switched to a new internet provider that has this in their service
If the end user moves more than 768Mbits of down traffic or 256Mbits of up traffic through the network during the 500 second timeslot, the end user will get marked egregious by the rate limiting device. This will then throttle the connection to 1,512Kbps Down, 256Kbps up. This throttle will remain in place for 60 min, at which point the cap will be removed.

Does anyone know what download speeds each bar represents on netflix streaming?

Burtletoy on


  • naporeonnaporeon Registered User regular
    I don't know what -- if anything -- those bars truly represent, but unless I'm grossly off in my conversion, you're talking about a consumption cap of just under 100MB for every eight minutes or so of video.

    I'm pretty sure that you're not going to hit that, although you may get close for HD programming.

  • taliosfalcontaliosfalcon Registered User regular
    edited September 2011
    I could actually see you easily hitting that on HD w/ netflix because in my experience it'll buffer video 15-20 minutes ahead of where you actually are if your internet's fast enough.

    They kinda explain it here but it seems to boil down to the silverlight player just displays bars randomly woo

    taliosfalcon on
    WII U NNID- talios
  • BurtletoyBurtletoy Registered User regular
    Well I watched all night long and never hit any road bumps, so I guess this is [solved] but I can't edit titles for threads at work because it just changes to "undefined!!!" if I try.

  • NathrakNathrak Registered User regular
    edited September 2011
    If you're on a PC you can hit ctrl-alt-shift-s to see what datarate Netflix is using. Pretty sure bars are just the buffer filling. For me it starts out at a low bitrate then ramps up when it's sure I can handle it I guess.

    Nathrak on
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