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PC Gamer cover art

dielinfinitedielinfinite Registered User new member
edited September 2011 in Penny Arcade Games
Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone here can help me find the artwork Gabe did for the PC Gamer covers a few years back. They used to be posted on the site here but they seem to have disappeared after the redesign.

I've scoured the net and unfortunately most places that I find refer back to the above link so they aren't of much help. I'm working on a personal RSPD project and these are the last images I need to complete it. I'd love it if we could find the original posted images. I don't know how big they were so I'm hoping they were of decent resolution. I know I can probably find scans of the covers themselves but the backgrounds of those have been modified (the Anne Claie has an all yellow background for example) and the artwork is covered with text about what's contained in the mag.

I'll thank all of you guys in advance for any help you can offer!

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