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Help me identify these plants

minirhyderminirhyder NYCRegistered User regular
edited September 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
I have a variety of plants around my home, and I need to know what they are to see whether they are toxic to my new kitteh

2. I know this is a ficus, but is it a certain type? Are there different types of ficus?

minirhyder on


  • SunDragonSunDragon Registered User regular
    #1 looks like a Snake Plant to me
    #2 is most definitely a Rubber Tree Plant
    #3 I dont have a clue. Looks like a hardwood sapling
    #4 I have seen plenty of times around houses and offices, but dont have a clue of the name.

  • bowenbowen How you doin'? Registered User regular
    edited September 2011
    Lillies and aloe are the pretty common poisonous plants. The first one looks like a Dieffenbachia and not a ficus, the Dieffenbachia are absolutely poisonous, get rid of it. That last one is hard to identify, but looks like a spider plant, or some sort of palm.

    3 looks like a maple sapling, and 2 is a rubber tree plant. Rubber trees are non-toxic, maple trees, in general, are toxic to everyone but in this case I think you're fine, but you may consider getting rid of it.

    Getting hanging pots is a good way to avoid the cat issue too.

    bowen on
  • minirhyderminirhyder NYCRegistered User regular
    According to this, the rubber plant is toxic to kitties D:
    Guess I better put it away.
    Thanks so far!

  • LiiyaLiiya Registered User regular
    The fourth is a dracena.

  • minirhyderminirhyder NYCRegistered User regular
    Damn, I guess all my plants are toxic. Gonna have to rearrange some things. Thanks guys!

  • minirhyderminirhyder NYCRegistered User regular
    I've got three more plants to identify!

    1 & 2:

    3: There's a back story to this one. We had a little pineapple plant growing in that pot. Eventually it died and this stuff grew with no intervention from anyone.

  • ChickeenChickeen Registered User regular
    The OP #3 looks like a grape vine to me.

  • BurtletoyBurtletoy Registered User regular
    1 in the new set is some type of fern.

    3 looks like some type of mint, but the flowers are pretty hard to make out.

  • minirhyderminirhyder NYCRegistered User regular
    I can take a closer pic if that will help.

  • MaguanoMaguano Registered User regular
    1 left- looks like a sago palm 2 (right) is a croton

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