New PC specs?

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Wasn't sure if I should post this here or H&A...

Anyways, it's been about 3.5 years since my current computer was built. Surprisingly it still runs pretty well, but it's time to build a new one...Skyrim is just around the corner.

So within the next month or so, I plan on spending around $1000-$12000 on a new box. I already have peripherals, monitor, OS, etc etc. This money will soley be for the Case, PSU, CPU, video card, ram, HDD, etc etc.

I unfortunately have not kept up with technology trends the past couple years, so I feel woefully lacking in knowledge. Here's where you guys come in. Mind helping me spend my money? :D

I do know I'd like a solid state drive for the windows partition and possibly one or two main games. Is it worth it?

Who currently makes the best video card...ATI or NVidia? I currently have an ATI 9870 1gb (I think...I'm not at home right now). It was probably the best card out there when I bought it (except for the higher end version that was essentially 2 of the same card combined).

I'm pretty open to suggestions. My main concern is building something that lasts again for a couple of years at least with minimal issues. I spent a long time researching last time, and found that as far as stability was concerned, it was my best build ever. Hopefully I can repeat that again.

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