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That user custom title thing

JinniganJinnigan Registered User regular
That allows users to give themselves their own custom title. Is that a PA-specific hack, or could I find it somewhere on the net? (I haven't been able to see anything similar on either or

Jinnigan on


  • ÄlphämönkëyÄlphämönkëy Registered User regular
    edited June 2004
    We hacked a user occupation phpBB mod to be a title. If I had some time I would diff up a patch for you, but Im busy tonight.

    Älphämönkëy on
  • StevenSteven Registered User
    edited June 2004
    There's an easyMOD package you can install, but that completely screwed my forums. Check for the custom title mod package, and do all the changes by hand - easyMOD will reliably hook onto the wrong line and completely break your forums.

    Steven on
  • ÄlphämönkëyÄlphämönkëy Registered User regular
    edited June 2004
    I never trusted EasyMOD. I always prefer to do things by hand.

    If I were to use any system, it would be the patch system. I have a nice patch to phpBB that covers a security hole, but the phpBB group seems to be ignoring the hole itself (as I know of about 8-10 other guys that have their own patches)

    Älphämönkëy on
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