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Awesome: '[BATTLEFIELD 3] Open Beta out now' by Premier kakos

Premier kakosPremier kakos Registered User, ClubPA regular
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Klyka wrote:
Tzen wrote:
So I found out that my XFX Radeon was sold (purposefully) misleadingly as a desktop GPU when it is in fact running the Mobility M98 chipset. This of course causes all the fucked up driver problems I've been having, as supposedly neither the latest desktop or notebook drivers will work. I've determined that the 11.4s are the last ones released that work. Am I missing out on a big performance boost with the preview 11.10s?

Wow, I thought XFX was a pretty good company.

yeah me too, I've been using an XFX XXX Black Edition 850w PSU but after hearing that I took a closer look at the PSU and it turns out XFX just rebranded a toaster, now my computer makes me toast while I play facebook games.

Looking at the name of your PSU, I thought it was a rebranded vibrator.

It's the black edition too. I wonder if next time he's going to spring for the one with realistic veins.



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