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Awesome: 'Poor [Chat] Trash' by Chanus

ChanusChanus Registered User regular
edited October 2011 in [2008-2012] Awesome Posts?
Nerdgasmic wrote:
tyrannus wrote:
my dad just made the most disgusting dinner

overboiled, half a flavor packet over two boxes macaroni "and cheese"
greasy, undercooked breakfast sausages smothered in olive oil
week old wonderbread slathered in half a centimeter of margarine
and day after the expiry date milk

he was really bitchy about me refusing to eat it
i'm eating clams linguini made by some fancy place and it's so good

clams linguini would be a good gangster name

Ey! Clams Linguini! Meet our new wiseguy, Riga Tony!

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