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    Sorry I have no input on Kamvas tablets, initatefailure! Maybe someone else has used 'em, so consider this a bump.

    I just want to drop in to say a hearty 'thank you' to Peas and Chico again for the tutorials, as they've really helped me be less intimidated by digital art programs.

    The cntrlpaint tutorials are immensely helpful for the little shortcuts and navigation norms that come with these programs. When you haven't used these programs much, even the basics can be super confusing. I really appreciated the first video where the teacher just straight-up deleted most of the default tool bars. Made me realize I can be more in charge of the program and that I don't have to just accept what's presented. For some reason it never occurred to me before to simply delete or replace what was there.

    Aaron Blaise's step by step breakdown was really helpful for little things I might not think to ask about (like how the 'multiply' feature works), and his explanation clarified how layers work. He didn't mention them by name, but something about the way he explained it made it click for me. They're like animation cels! You can layer them on top of the background and what you do on one 'cel' doesn't change the other. Probably super remedial for you guys, but it was a real 'Ah HA' moment for me when that finally fell into place.

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