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[Wizorb] Arkanoid with an interesting RPG-twist

NinjabearNinjabear Registered User regular
edited October 2011 in Games and Technology
I just wanted to spread the word on a new Xbox live Indie game called:


This game is made by an indie game developer known as "Tribute".

The game has you playing the role of a wizard that must slay monsters and collect gold to restore a town that was destroyed by monsters. The twist is that when you enter a level you transform into an Arkanoid paddle and launch a magic orb at enemies. Once you clear all the blocks and monsters you proceed to the next stage. Since your character is a wizard you can use spells to increase the power of you ball or take direct control over it briefly. I not sure if you will be able to level up or equip items, but I'm really enjoying the old school Genesis-era graphics and music.

The game should be available now on the Xbox marketplace for about 240 points. It will also be available on PC soon.

Gonna post link to Giant Bomb quick look here soon.

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Ninjabear on


  • NinjabearNinjabear Registered User regular
    edited October 2011
    Giant Bomb Quick Look link below.

    Damn, I have no idea how to post videos or images on this newfangled message board.

    Ninjabear on
    Play Smash Bros 3DS with me!!! Friend Code: 2981-7429-8364
  • MeizMeiz Registered User regular
    Rather reminiscent of Pinball quest, only not.

  • ViscountalphaViscountalpha Registered User
    Meiz, too bad pinball quest didn't stand the test of time. It needs a remake. Marble blast ultra showed us it could be done.

    Anyway. This looks neat! I <3 arkanoid even though it was tough as nails.

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  • bigwillchbigwillch Registered User regular
    Tis an awesome game. Probably worth mentioning that it's by the guy who did Scott Pilgrim vs the World (you can definitely tell by the satisfying chunky hit detection I reckon), and it also has extra animations by Paul Robertson, of Kings of Power 4 Billion fame

    Probably the best indie game out since Protect Me Knight, or Pixel, for my money.

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  • AddaAdda Registered User regular
    I'm pretty sure that it's just the artist who is the same and not the developers. Looking forward to this turning up on PC.

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