The Age of Microtransactions: Why I'm getting off the MMO train here.



  • SquiddyBiscuitSquiddyBiscuit Registered User regular
    I'm pretty strict when it comes to microtransactions in MMOs.

    No fees or an optional "premium" sub?

    Then microtransactions are okay to me, and I even buy some stuff as I treat the game as a little buffet and pick the bits I want - like all the quest modules and most classes in DDO.
    I completely ignore XP-boots and buyable mounts/vanity items and such, yet I imagine that this really only works in a good F2P game with story content worth paying for and playing (so LOTRO as well maybe), and it is crucial I can buy these goods on a discount.

    Fees in a sub-MMO though?

    Won't even touch it.
    It feels to me like I should be getting all the content in the game for the regular $15 or so that I give them a month.

  • ZoelZoel I suppose... I'd put it on Registered User regular
    puzzle pirates drove me crazy with it's microtransactions because once they figured out that they could just make new clothes/ships/whatever they stopped releasing new content that wasn't just a reskin of existing content.

    now it's owned by sega so unlikely that'll change, bleh.

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