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God damned computer - Windows boots sometimes

MachismoMachismo Registered User regular
edited February 2007 in Games and Technology
I had a ton of problems which forced me to reformat my main, system hard drive (which happens to be D:). I install windows with a fresh format and have no apparent troubles. I use my nVidia nForce4 driver CD to install all the drivers and things seem to be level.
I remove my driver disk and reboot after I installed some software I use a lot. During the boot procedure, I am told that it can't find a System disk!!!
Damn. I tell it to retry a few times, but they all fail. This is odd since I had rebooted moments prior with another software installation. I suddenly realize that the only difference between the two times is the presence of my nForce drivers CD. I reinsert it, it does the standard "press any key to boot from FreeDOS" bit. It times out and Windows boots normally. I restart without the CD and Windows fails to boot.
I insert the WinXP installation CD(another bootable CD), it offers to be bootable. When it time-outs, Windows XP on the system hard drive boots as normal.
I have changed the order of bootable devices, even having the hard drive with windows be the first device checked. I have even prevented it from trying to boot from anything but a hard drive, but no luck.

In summary:
For some reason, the BIOS or something doesn't see the Windows installation (I suppose a boot sector) unless it has one of these work arounds via a system bootable CD, that ends up running Windows anyway. I don't get it, really.
Any advice?

Machismo on


  • tofutofu Registered User regular
    edited February 2007
    When you boot into windows right click on My Computer and click "manage." On the left sidebar click "Disk Management." Right click on the drive windows is installed on and click "Mark partition as active."

    When I migrated my Windows over to the other drive in my desktop it wouldn't boot from the HDD until I did this, hopefully it works for you.

    tofu on
  • MachismoMachismo Registered User regular
    edited February 2007
    I'll try that when I get home. i leaving from work ina few minutes. I'll update the thread then. If that doesn't work, I'll roll-back IDE drivers to the basic Windows ones and then reformat if that fails.

    Machismo on
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