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Awesome: 'The Starlight House for Foster Webcomics' by SabreMau

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rfilyaw wrote:
And I'm proud to be a trekkie! (but really, De Lancie is a cool guy. Frakes too. Heck, most of the TNG crew were cool nice people in real life. Half of us here have probably touched Wheaton for crying out loud. He's like our nerd king.)

well I didn't vote for him!

The Android of the Ops Station, his arm clad in regulation Starfleet spandex, held aloft Wesley from the holodeck river in season 1, Encounter at Farpoint, signifying by Roddenberry's co-writing credit that he was to be Gene's favored character through many episodes of Star Trek and eventually get a cameo in the tenth movie. That is why he is your king.



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