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Transformers-the ongoing saga of Susan Journeyer and Josh Boyfriend



  • WingedWeaselWingedWeasel Registered User regular
    edited June 20
    I will also probably be waiting but I'm pretty excited to see where they go with it. I always liked the way spotlights helped flesh out the universe but allowed the main story to progress, hopefully this works in a similar capacity

    Edit: the devastator shadow cover is awesome

    WingedWeasel on
    Undead Scottsman
  • Undead ScottsmanUndead Scottsman Registered User regular
    So far I'm really liking some of the worldbuilding they do. I especially like the "mentorship" idea, as it allows them to build familar ties without needing the direct reproduction aspect. It's something I generally hope to see continue beyond this continuity.

  • IncenjucarIncenjucar Audio Game Developer Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    Looks like a fan favorite IDW character is making her first appearance in the new continuity. (Also a character who I've wanted to see in fiction a long time.) that a belly button?

  • Undead ScottsmanUndead Scottsman Registered User regular
    Some SDCC news.

    Next Galaxies arc after Constructicons Rising will be focused on Arcee & Greenlight. (#7-9) and then a Ultra Magnus story (#10-12)

    Also new GI Joe and ROM series, but I'm not clear if they're in their own continuity if they're doing a shared thing again.

  • WingedWeaselWingedWeasel Registered User regular
    edited July 18
    I saw rumors that the Netflix transformers show is going to tie into the comics. Anyone see something concrete for that?

    Edit: related to scottsman's post

    WingedWeasel on
  • Undead ScottsmanUndead Scottsman Registered User regular
    Only thing I've seen about that, WingedWeasel, was this
    Q: To Easton, about the comic and the Transformers TV show he is working on for Netflix. "Is it two different stories?"

    A: Easton says "No. Everything is smooth."


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