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PC Sound Problems

BradicusMaximusBradicusMaximus PssssssssyyyyyyyyduckRegistered User regular
edited October 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
Alright, so I recently purchased a new Acer monitor and without really thinking about it got one without speakers. Not a big deal because why use the speakers when you have something better such as a headset. BUT, I occasionally play my xbox from time to time. This is where the slight problem begins. I bought an adapter for it so I could hook it up to the monitor via DVI. But I'm struggling with sounds problems (obviously) Besides the DVI part the cable also splits off into the necessary audio cables. Its a bit messy but I'm using a turtle beach headset (earforce X11 to be exact) to run the audio cables through for sound. I've got yet another adapter after that (rca to a 3.5mm) that hooks into my G510 keyboard. After I go through this shitty process and finally hook it in to the keyboard it will show up on my playback devices and I'll set it to default. For a brief few seconds I can actually hear the sounds from my 360 but then it switches to sound from my pc. What exactly am I doing wrong in this process. And I apologize if this makes little to no sense. I found it quite difficult to explain :evil:

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