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Knob wrote:
is there a way to make wooden blocks

this hovel i've constructed from crafting tables is a little embarassing

you know those wooden plank pieces you made the crafting tables out of?

those are wooden blocks

the wiki is here

also, you should set the boy down in front of minecraft for a couple hours and see what happens

this game is fucking great for kids


  • CanadianWolverineCanadianWolverine Registered User regular
    Agreed, this is awesome because I too can bring credence to that this is a great game to sit my young daughter down to play with. I tried a physics game that you draw like MSpaint before but she seems to grasp this a lot quicker and thus has a lot more fun with just breaking blocks and then placing them, she hasn't really done much beyond that other than chase the animals, drown, and exclaim dismay that the monsters don't go down before her character does.

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