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My Little Pony: [Phalla] Is Magic: Monster Victory

AriviaArivia Registered User
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Welcome to Ponyville, the sign reads as Princess Celestia, ruler of all Equestria, glided towards the town in her golden chariot. Everything looked peaceful and calm in the bright summer's day for Ponyville: the market was bustling, the shops full, birds singing, and a multitude of parties going on. Still, something must have happened: Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's student, had pleaded and begged for the Princess to come to Ponyville immediately!

The chariot stopped in front of Twilight's treehouse library, and Princess Celestia rushed inside. "My faithful student," she cried out, "What is going on?" Twilight Sparkle ran to the princess, crying into her mane. "Oh Princess! It's so terrible! Magic has stopped working in Ponyville! I can't even cast a simple spell to make light! Look!" Twilight concentrated and thought hard, trying to make the familiar purple light appear from her horn: but nothing came.

"Hmm," thought the Princess. "This is highly unusual, Twilight Sparkle. I will have to return to Canterlot to research this strangeness more." As if on cue, a sudden giant crash echoed across Ponyville, coming from where the town met the wild and crazy Everfree Forest. Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle could hear ponies crying out in the distance: "The monsters are coming! The monsters are coming! Ruuuunnnn!"

Princess Celestia looked at her student thoughtfully. "Despite having no magic, Twilight, I have faith in you to resolve this situation. I must return to Canterlot before this dead magic spreads any further!" And with that, the Princess was away again, leaving Twilight to collapse on the floor, dejected. "What do I do now? Even with my friends, what can we do against all of these monsters - and without my magic, too?"


This is a mini-phalla for 20 players set in the world of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. This is a very standard phalla: no factions, a village and a mafia, nothing else. General rules for phalla are here. New players are welcome: this is very very new player friendly.


You must vote each day in !red. Clarifications to me, your host, go in dark orange, retractions in lime.

The vote closes at 11:00 PM EST each night. Orders will be accepted until 10:59, but not 11:00.

The usual phalla stuff:
If you are dead, you may not speak to any other player, LIVING OR DEAD, about the game. One dead post is acceptable, but it should be nothing more than “Oh crap I died.” or some variant thereof.
No anonymous contact. All PMs or messages outside of the forums must be done with full disclosure of your forum identity.
You may not use screenshots to “prove” anything to anyone.
You are free to create Proboards, make sure you give me access so I can examine them.
No direct sharing of role PMs.
No posting in anything but English.

Special Note: Remember, this is a phalla, not a pony thread. Don't post links to episodes, don't turn this into a discussion, don't post creepy fan art.

Again, this is a really simple, basic phalla. You're not going to need it, but if you want to know, order of actions is simply: Vote>Abilities.

There's no generic villager (too many fun characters for that), but if there was, that role PM would be thus:
You are a pony!

Ability: You don't have a special ability. But you can vote!

Win Condition: You win when all threats to Ponyville have been eliminated.


This is a children's show and we're treating it as such. Instead of ponies being killed, et cetera, they are merely knocked out. All abilities that would normally result in a "kill" instead just knock out the target.
Spoit wrote:
The usual questions: Ties, order of actions, thralls/millers/conversions?

Public flip of a coin; that's in the OP; that's not very nice, Twilight! (no)

Sign up in lime.

1. Tmoiy
2. Silas Brown
3. SlyM
4. Capfalcon
5. Spoit
6. Rawkking Goodguy - Sweetie Belle: had her troubles multiply beyond reckoning
7. Shiny New Toys
8. Turkson
9. The Anonymous - Cherilee: dashed into oblivion
10. Wildcat - DJ Pon-3: dashed into oblivion
11. Warban - Big McIntosh: ganged up on by everypony
12. Brainleech - Scootaloo: dashed into oblivion
13. Bedlam
14. Caulk Bite 6
15. kuhlmeye - The Parasprites: ganged up on by every pony
16. Lucedes
17. Flarne
18. Greeper - Rarity: ganged up on by everypony
19. Matev
20. Alegis - Fluttershy: couldn't stare down her troubles

1. Cythraul


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

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