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You Can Design a Kindergarten's Bathroom Pixel Art™

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My wife and I own a kindergarten and we are moving to a new place. A while ago when making up a bathroom I came across small colored tiles that can be used in tiling to make mosaics. I thought it would be awesome to make some pixel art in the children's bathrooms because I had some experience making it in the game Minecraft.

Now the opportunity has come but I don't have the time available to design the art for all of the walls (possibly more than 16 total surfaces), and I would love to have some variety in the art styles, plus very professional, clean-looking designs. I'm talking not just game art, but isometric landscapes/cityscapes, surrealism, abstract, whatever you want to make.

What better way to find amazing pixel art than asking communities on the internet? If you or someone you know may be interested, please reply.

What I am requesting:

Design fairly low resolution pixel art images, collages, or whatever awesome, and email it to me. The dimensions and walls are listed in the documents below. If you are interested please mention in thread what wall you wish to take so I know what goes where. Just a nice clean jpg, png, or bmp would be perfect so I can print it on 11x17 and hand it to the workers to follow.

What I am offering:

I will keep the thread up to date with progress in the form of text and photographs! Then when the bathrooms are finished i'll take pictures of them as well! Your pixel art will have a very long life bringing smiles, excitement, joy, and inspiration to young kids.

Additional infomation:

The school is an English school located in China. Chinese business dealings are often flaky, confusing, and full of misunderstandings. It is possible (though we hope not) that something could go wrong and we can't move into the new school or decorate. However we have signed the property rental papers and everything looks good at the moment.

The wall's resolutions vary but they all use 5cm tiles with a mortar estimated to be between 1-2mm on average. When i did the math for calculating the resolution requirements I averaged in 1.5mm for mortar the the images should be a bit larger than the wall resolution so I can easily compensate for inaccuracy.

Also the placement of toilets, sinks, towel racks, and more can't be organized in advance of the tile planning because it may take serious organizing to get the workers to follow the design docs.

We may get started tiling walls within days.

If you choose to do any walls please note the bathroom number and wall number together. The resolution for the pixel art should be a bit larger than the tiling resolution in the design docs; tiles long by tall, not cm.

Here are the design docs followed by examples of tiles with at least a light and dark variant of each major colour. The tiles in the picture are half the size of the ones that I will be using:

Class 1

Class 2


To anyone interested, Thank you. I know there's people out there that would think this an awesome, easy project, and the tiling will come out beautifully; i'm sure.

[email protected]

Any more questions please post them; i'll check in often.

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