Zombie games with no/minimal Zombie Bullshit?



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    Ninja Snarl PNinja Snarl P My helmet is my burden. Ninja Snarl: Gone, but not forgotten.Registered User regular
    B:L wrote:
    Cool story, bro.

    I miss stuff like this. Devs these days are just absolutely terrified of applying serious hazards or detriments to players. I'm not talking about stuff like bullshit one-hit-kills on the player, I mean things like people losing because they were too stupid to think things through.

    That's actually one of the really cool things about Zombie Panic Source (which nobody plays any more). Waste bullets and you die. Carry too many bullets and you die. Get separated from the others and you die. Play like an idiot and you die. And even if you do play smart, the zombies are still probably going to win because it's simply a hard game.

    Instead, people just need to have instant respawns and constant action because there's no room for patience and planning in multiplayer games any longer.

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    heenatoheenato Alice Leywind Registered User regular
    Astale wrote:

    The co-op resident evil games on the PS2 had you get infected. One of the main game mechanics was to find drugs and stuff to stave off the infection long enough to survive the section, since you constantly got more and more infected as time went on even if you just hid (a good way to keep people moving in a multiplayer game), and if you died you got to be a zombie for a few minutes and terrorize your former teammates. Various things increased or decreased the rate of infection as well. Getting bitten made it jump of course, one of the characters (a doctor I think) slowed it down but sucked in every other way. He could also make meds (that you could find in odd places as well) that stopped the infection entirely for a period of time, even if you did something that would add to it more than normal.
    Too bad the servers for those games don't exist anymore though. Though, they were alright in single player.

    M A G I K A Z A M
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    DrakeDrake Edgelord Trash Below the ecliptic plane.Registered User regular
    This is early in development, and not much has happened with it lately. I'm not sure if it's still alive or not, but Rogue Survivor may have some of the elements you are looking for.

    I get killed by other humans more than I get taken out by zombies in it. It's still really rough around the edges, but there is potential for a great Zombie Apocalypse roguelike goin on.

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    RoyceSraphimRoyceSraphim Registered User regular
    Rebuild was fun, there have to be further examples of intelligent zombie action. Someone give me enlightenment!

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    FleebFleeb has all of the fleeb juice Registered User regular
    I'll second Rogue Survivor, and add an endorsement for Deons excellent mod: http://roguesurvivor.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=gmods&action=display&thread=133

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    MrDelishMrDelish Registered User regular
    this just came out and is probably up your alley: http://www.moddb.com/mods/no-more-room-in-hell/

    it's a free HL2 co-op mod that should work with TF2 installed, which is also free

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    Lord_MordjaLord_Mordja Registered User regular
    Yeah I was about to post about that. I played a few rounds today and it sounds like what you're looking for, OP. Deliberately paced, high mortality and the zombies are pure Romero. It's kinda buggy right now, and hard, but on the plus side you can play as Walter Sobchak.

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    jothkijothki Registered User regular
    There are basically three flavors of zombie infestations. Two of them are bullshit.

    Bullshit type 1: Fast movement, special powers.
    Bullshit type 2: Infinite numbers, ability to alternate between being incredibly obvious and incredibly stealthy, ability to somehow overcome impassable barriers.
    Non-bullshit type: Mostly eliminated by the military (if not the civilian populace) within a week.

    A non-bullshit scenario might actually be interesting, though you'd probably still have to tone up the abilities and intelligence of the zombies a bit to let the infection spread beyond a single building early on.

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