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  • KwoaruKwoaru Registered User regular
    no it does not, what a weird bug

    since there is no other real place for it, I wanted to write about how the categories I posted for when I want to label a person used to just be (A) normal/gay/bi (B) normal/trans instead of the (A) Likes: boys/girls/both/neither/other (B) Is: cis/trans/other system I use now

    and to a certain extent in my mind I still think of the hetero "Likes: boys/girls" and the "Is: cis" as normal with the rest being abnormal (for lack of a better term) but I no longer speak or write about it that way, due in large part to either observing or taking part in discussions in SE++

    I also kinda have an issue with "Is: Other", because even though I have no difficulty with the concept of "sex is genetic and thus immutable while gender is identity and therefore subject to change" I have more of a problem with the idea of gender binary being a false construct because in my mind the gender binary is so closely linked with the sex binary

    I guess a big part of that is the fact that I just do not hold a concept in my mind of a gender outside of male/female, there is just nothing in my reality that allows me to get a firm grip on the idea. But I accept the idea because it makes sense given the already accepted mutability of gender. Simply because I have no reference for a gender outside the binary does not preclude its existence nor does it give me the right to tell other people that they can't have it.

    this has been a kwoaru post about my internal bigotries and thought processes

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