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Gathering of Loathing:[mini-Phalla] - GAME OVER: VILLAGE VICTOLY!

BedlamBedlam Registered User regular
edited November 2011 in Critical Failures
Welcome to Phalla! A formerly peaceful land has been taken over by a league of evil who did a very bad thing! Now everything is wacky! Please Sign up! if you wish to fight this menace!

Rules are pretty standard (and mostly stolen from langlys OP)
- Every night, vote in !Red for somebody you suspect of being a Evil League Member. Please !Retract if you decide to vote for someone else.
- No screen caps or direct quotes to prove anything.
- Dead must stay Dead and not give any game information once informed of their status
- One Ghost Post
- Two Posts and a Vote per Day, Minimum. Really this shouldn't even be a rule and you should be making lots of posts anyway. Or at least contribute what you can.
- Editing posts is not allowed. If you make a mistake please use a seperate post to correct it.
- Clarifications can be asked for in Orange, though I make no promises whether or not I will answer them the way you want me to.
- Please do not use the “add to this conversation” feature in pms. If you are talking to someone and want to include someone else, please just make a new PM. Also, if you have a network going, feel free to make a proboard and invite me.
- Do not contact someone anonymously. People should always know which player they are dealing with.
- Do not post in any language other than English, or in any sort of code.

I've got room for 30 people. I can trim this down if we get close. Vote close will be at 7:00 pm EDT I'm sorry if this is horribly inconvenient for anybody but I want to be able to calculate everything before I get all sleepy.

1 MrTLicious
2 Kime (Spirit bomb)
3 Taya
4 Slym (Chain Mail Armor)
5 Silas Brown (Draw Blood)
6 Phyphor (Scapegoat)
7 jdarksun
8 Peccavi (Wormhole)
9 Cayrus (Doppelganger)
10 SeGaTai
11 Langly
12 Tayrun
13 Spoit
14 Capfalcon (Cosmic Stethascope)
15 I needed a name to post.
16 Cythraul
17 Arivia (Channel)
18 The Anonymous (Quick Fix)
19 Turkson Darian
20 stever777
21 Lucedes
22 Romanqwerty (lightning Bolt)
23 Void Slayer (Shock)
24 Shiny New Toys
25 REG Rysk (Weresheep)
26 Celebrim (Fireball) (Black Out)
27 Redasaur (Flame Wave)
28 GrimmyTOA
29 jackisreal

1 Flarne

Weird Mechanic bullshit is as follows
Every day each player will draw a "Card" from the deck which will explain their power for that day. Most powers you are free to target any player including yourself, if a power calls for multiple targets you must fulfill all targets or the power will fizzle. Any power you draw is for that day only. Lastly anything marked (passive) is compulsory.
If a player dies the power they had for that day will be removed from the deck. Therefore death will reveal the color alignment and the power they had for that day since role information is mostly fluff.

Also everyone has 10 HP. If you go to 0 or below you will die at the end of the day. If you go above 10 for any reason you will be adjusted back to 10 at the end of each day. HP for the most part will be hidden from players but there are powers which can reveal this information.
The flavor for both is these is that players are switching bodies each day. Like that one episode of Power Puff Girls.

Order of actions is Vote > Powers. If a tie happens everyone dies. Some powers could trigger from ties though, so don't cause ties.

Questions Below
kime wrote:
Do alignments change with cards?
Alignments will never change.

Bedlam on


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