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Ink and Brush

WizToastWizToast Registered User, ClubPA regular
edited November 2011 in Artist's Corner
Heya-- I'm trying to learn to use a brush here are my first 4 attempts. The bottom is most recent.


WizToast on


  • LyricalLyrical Registered User regular
    These are really beautiful first attempts--beautiful drawings by any measure, really. I've been going through similar ink brush training but with much more meager results.

    The main weakness that jumps out at me is the homogeneity of value and 'busy-ness" across the page. Your most recent one is strongest in that respect--the larger black areas on the left side of the face and jacket give visual rest and contrast from the busier brush strokes elsewhere. The first three kind of lack those areas of rest. I think you can push the back areas even further, they also help to define the forms more clearly.

  • WizToastWizToast Registered User, ClubPA regular

    Fiddling with color

  • Siolo ThompsonSiolo Thompson Registered User new member
    edited November 2011
    @WizToast - I'm really liking the black and white inks you have at the top of this thread. They have a nice, strong, woodblock feel to them. I'm less in love with the color piece but that might just be my thing.

    Siolo Thompson on
  • Hello Siolo-

    In the future, would you mind posting your work in your own thread or in the Doodle thread? We generally try to keep threads on the topic of critiquing the original poster's work. If you've got a point to make with your work in regards to the OP's work (ie: "You might want to try X to get across Y, like I did in this example") or are doing a drawover/example for them that's one thing, but otherwise it probably doesn't belong in someone else's thread. Thanks.

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