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Farmers screwed up our internet again



  • SolarSolar Registered User regular
    If we want to talk about Dads then we need Taste here to talk about his

    Because some of those stories


  • GoatmonGoatmon Property of Amara_P Registered User regular
    Sassori wrote:
    Goatmon wrote:
    Sassori, that isn't ridiculous. Ridiculous really doesn't describe it well enough. You really should get your brother the hell out of that house.

    I don't really know you personally, nor your brother (obviously), but I know how it is to live with an abusive father, and it is not something anyone should have to put up with.

    I'm really hoping that he can get out of there soon. But there's not much I can offer him other than emotional support until I'm no longer living in campus housing. And I don't think staying with me at any point is something he's interested in.

    That emotional support can mean a lot more than you might think. Just as long as you're there for him as much as you can reasonably manage, I'm sure things will turn out all right.

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