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The guns fell silent and men heard the voice of God



  • BotznoyBotznoy Registered User regular
    Solar wrote: »
    Solar wrote: »
    And I can respect more

    But at the same time, a lot of people have died in a lot of wars

    I wasn't talking about the glorification of war but more the emotional significance of the loss

    Do we have two minutes of silence for the Napoleonic Wars? For the Punic Wars? Do we need it? I don't think I do, anyway.

    I dunno, WWI just doesn't have a significance to me. It's pure history. It's got no emotional weight in my mind. I can look at it like I'd look at wars during the medieval period or whenever. As a kid I sat in Assembly and felt, well, nothing at all during that time. Those people who do feel something, that's cool too.

    Yeah, why should we make a point about remembering the 21 million + servicemen and women worldwide that perished in WW1?

    I wasn't alive then, so who cares?

    Why should we make a point about them but not a point about the millions of people who died in countless other wars around the world? I think all those wars were pretty pointless and stupid, as much so as the First World War was. So why do those particular people at that particular time get a couple of minutes?

    I don't not care that they died. I just don't care that they died any more than I care that anyone else died in a time that neither me nor my parents nor my grandparents remember, that nobody who I know ever lived in or experienced. I feel as far removed from the deaths of WWI as I do from the deaths of the Napoleonic Wars or whatever.

    Some people do feel something special. I guess you do. I don't mind you guys wanting to make a ritual of remembrance out of that. But this thread is about discussing Armistice Day and our feelings regarding Armistice Day and I was just sharing mine, that Armistice Day remembers something that I definitely consider true, but that I don't feel any kind of need to hold a two minutes special silence regarding it, and the deaths of people in WWI don't hold any more emotional weight to them than anyone else's death in history before that.

    You could make the argument that I don't care from that, I guess. It's fair to say that we don't care about the deaths of a lot of people in the past. If we grieved for all the pointless deaths in war that ever were, then we'd never stop grieving.

    Armistice day represents far far more than simply remembering the fallen and those that died as a result of the first world war. We grieve, reflect upon and mourn the collective loss of humanity. As the men and woman as well as the very intangible idea of humanity.

    You are correct in saying that we do not hold remembrance for those lost in other wars but the first world war is the first time in which the entire worlds humanity was damaged and we were left lesser for it.

    Armistice day represents so much more than you realize and to rubbish it as a ritual you don't care for is insensitive in the extreme


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