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Alternative Vote Method [Phalla]: Day 5 I Approval vote this Message

SpoitSpoit *twitch twitch*Registered User regular
edited November 2011 in Critical Failures
Alternate Vote Method Phalla

Genre: Experimental

This is a mini-Phalla designed for 30 people. The genesis of this phalla came from 2 things: Frustration with people not bothering to look at vote records and the delightful little game theory diversions in @Infidel 's Pirate phalla. Because, if one vote is good enough to attempt to divine some sort of intent from the vote record, surely a whole dunalist would be better, no?

Every Day, each person will make votes in bold red for the people they want removed from the game. If they change their mind, I'd appreciate if they let me know that they retract their previous votes, but I won't kill anyone for it. What I will kill people for is inactivity, failure to vote sufficiently twice will be punished with prejudice.

Each day there will be multiple kills for the people with the most votes. If the day's voting method calls for more than one vote, each person will be making an ordered list (using [ list=1] function would be the easiest) of votes. The specifics of which will vary and be revealed on the specific days. The vote close will be 7PM EST/4PM PDT.

No Specials
No Narrations
Final Destination

Standard Rules apply:
No anonymous contact
No screenshotting PMs
No adding people (other than the host) to PM chains

Feel free to quote your (nonexistent) role PM all you want though ;-)

Player List
  1. The Anonymous
  2. Daniant
  3. Kime
  4. Corvidae
  5. Slym
  6. Jdarksun
  7. Romanqwerty
  8. Void Slayer
  9. Cayrus
  10. Bedlam
  11. Tayrun
  12. MrTlicious
  13. Captainplanet
  14. Alegis
  15. Sir Fabulous
  16. Infidel
  17. Shiny new toys
  18. B:L
  19. Tastydonuts
  20. Phyphor
  21. Citizen
  22. Anomalousvandal
  23. warban
  24. fecklessrogue
  25. Erich Zahn
  26. fatwombatt
  27. taya
  28. Cythraul
  29. SeGaTai
  30. Tmoiy

Day 1: Bordaum
Day 2: The Bucklin stops here
Day 3: Throwing your Weigh(ted vote) Around
Day 4: Instant Pun-off
Day 5: Alphabet Soup

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