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Kris & Scott Show s1 ep5 - Half Birthday

BogeyBogey I'm back, baby!Santa Monica, CAModerator mod
edited November 2011 in The Penny Arcade Hub

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  • doublehawk00doublehawk00 Registered User regular
    Best episode yet? Maybe.

  • 815165815165 Registered User regular
    That is an awesome thumbnail.

  • Venkman90Venkman90 Registered User regular
    puke scene was just the right amount of unpleasant and horrible


  • Good Looking Fat GuyGood Looking Fat Guy West Hartford, CTRegistered User regular
    This episode was ok, not as good as the last one.

  • Dark Raven XDark Raven X Laugh hard, run fast, be kindRegistered User regular
    Oh god the watch

    Oh brilliant
  • KalTorakKalTorak One way or another, they all end up in the Undercity.Registered User regular
    way to eat cake, cake-eaters

  • TleilaxuTleilaxu Registered User regular
    Oh god the watch

    Soo good. It's as violent emotionally as G&T's is physically.

  • EndEnd Registered User regular
    game of chicken?

    no, game of coconut cake

    I wish that someway, somehow, that I could save every one of us
  • The_ReflectionThe_Reflection Registered User regular
    When you play the Game of Half Birthdays, you win or you vomit coconut.

  • EvilBadmanEvilBadman DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN Registered User regular
    Loved the ending.

    FyreWulff wrote: »
    I should note that Badman is fucking awesome
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  • FramlingFramling FaceHead Geebs has bad ideas.Registered User regular
    EvilBadman wrote:
    Loved the ending.

    I was kinda hoping for something like "Where'd you get the cake so fast?" "Oh, Andrew had it."

    you're = you are
    your = belonging to you

    their = belonging to them
    there = not here
    they're = they are
  • Indie WinterIndie Winter die Krähe Rudi Hurzlmeier (German, b. 1952)Registered User regular
    ok that was pretty amazing

  • FandeathisFandeathis Registered User regular
    One of the best for sure. I laughed a lot.

    You fuck wit' Die Antwoord, you fuck wit' da army.
  • Snarkman3Snarkman3 Registered User regular
    If these guys had a secondary "those two guys" part in a feature film I would be quite happy.

  • FasterfoodFasterfood Registered User regular
    I love how much they hate each other when they talk to the camera.

    Also, Kris laughing at 2:00. Gold.

  • SabreMauSabreMau ネトゲしよう 판다리아Registered User regular
    "There's no such thing as a half birthday"? Sure there is. There was a whole Baby-Sitter's Little Sister book about it. That's plenty of precedence.


  • QorzmQorzm Registered User regular
    Evidence of me wishing happy half birthdays to the PA staff on Facebook has been scrubbed from the internet

    but I found this


    I do it for each of my friends

  • bitfawksbitfawks Registered User regular
    I have a sweet and terrifying passion for this show.

  • tuggatugga Makin' movies Makin' songsRegistered User regular
    this one had me giggling uncontrollably for the better part of it

    meaning all of it.

  • DeliciousTacosDeliciousTacos Registered User regular
    I really, really hope their assistant keeps being a recurring character

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