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Awesome: 'Video Game Industry Thread: Survival horror bowling!' by The_Scarab

The_ScarabThe_Scarab Registered User regular
edited November 2011 in [2008-2012] Awesome Posts?
The_Scarab wrote:
I mean, they must have thought releasing the judges list would add credibility or some air of authority to things. But what it actually shows is how disgustingly myopic the industry is.

Indeed, the panel should have been nothing but European women.

You'd think what with gay men dominating the female orientated fashion world that there would be some huge influx of butch lesbians to write and talk about video games to balance things out.

Well, it'd go some way to explaining Jeff Gerstmann at least.

scarab you have mental problems


  • HenroidHenroid Nobody Nowhere fastRegistered User regular
    Aw man, Jeff Gerstmann is okay people. That's a pretty harsh dig at him!

    But an awesome dig. Four stars if I could.

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  • KanaKana Registered User regular

    Don't blame me, blame google image search, I just typed in the name...

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