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They were all dead. The final gunsh- IT'S PAYNE



  • AntimatterAntimatter Devo Was Right Gates of SteelRegistered User regular
    i tried watching the quicklook

    who the fuck decided that the glitch/lighting effects were needed, dang

  • Calamity JaneCalamity Jane That Wrong Love Registered User regular
    They can be turned off (in bullet time, anyway?). I like em.

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  • EdcrabEdcrab Actually a hack Registered User regular
    I'll probably get this because I played both earlier games and loved them

    The first more than the second, which seemed really short to me

  • EdcrabEdcrab Actually a hack Registered User regular
    Also Mysst is rocking the hair in that cutscene

  • Calamity JaneCalamity Jane That Wrong Love Registered User regular
    This game is about crippling depression, fucking up dudes, Crank manuvers, and Getting Ill. If you dont't like this game Fuck You!

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  • HobnailHobnail Registered User regular
    I'm fucking DYING to see what this game's story is like after all the maturing Rockstar's been through since the last one, Red Dead Redemption fucking killed me

  • YaYaYaYa Decent. Registered User regular
    just finished this


  • HobnailHobnail Registered User regular
    That's a pretty solid review. On the other hand, 87% on metacritic so I'm still hopeful.

  • YaYaYaYa Decent. Registered User regular
    I'll give a full review after the credits

  • Blake TBlake T Do you have enemies then? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.Registered User regular
    Yaya's full review.


  • Indie WinterIndie Winter die Krähe Rudi Hurzlmeier (German, b. 1952)Registered User regular
    yeah this seeme like a decent game

    but Not Max Payne

  • YaYaYaYa Decent. Registered User regular
    alright so the good stuff first:

    it's gorgeous, McCaffrey does the best work I've ever heard him do, the forced bullet time action sequences were always really cool and I didn't have many control issues, everything felt pretty tight

    also what little New York stuff there was was pretty fantastic, although I think the game peaks at about Chapter VI (of XIV) or so

    so onto the gripes

    first of all, and most importantly, it is too goddamn fucking hard

    there are firefights that took me ten tries and demanded that I a) stay in cover for the majority of it and b) made my fucking headshots

    Max, in short, cannot take the sort of beating you expect from him in previous games, while the enemies routinely take four or five body shots to fall down, not to mention stay down

    this kind of leads me to the biggest issue with the game, which is that it doesn't understand what Max Payne is, gameplay-wise

    the bullet time is there, sure, but I found the only way to use it effectively was to make sure I was nailing my headshots, and I generally did that from behind cover, only used the shoot-dodge for style or when there were a couple of dudes left

    the game just does not want you to be diving everywhere and dumping into dudes, it's a huge bummer

    it's also quite a departure tonally, which actually fits quite well for a lot of Max's dialogue work, but the story in general suffers for it. there are a few plot threads that are barely explained or glossed over, to the point where Max himself even says something along the lines of 'I was just some guy in the middle of it, I couldn't expect to keep informed of everything', and the villains in particular suffer for that

    minor story spoilers here
    the main villains, such as they are, are established far too late and aren't paid nearly enough due, it just doesn't seem worth it for Max to risk his life so much to go after them in the tail end of the game

    also, there's a character that acts as both a huge info dump and as Max's bro after your original bro kind of falls off the game, and I was neeeeevvveeerrr able to work out who he was really supposed to be or how he knew Max

    if I was paying attention, and I think I was, he shows up once in the first mission, says nothing, and then immediately recognizes Max after he shaves his head and lays out the entire second half of the plot for him and Max just accepts it

    it just struck me as sloppy writing, and there were more than a few instances where I felt like the story had similar sloppiness and unearned moments

    and the ending, finally, is too perfect and too happy

    so! there's YaYa's thoughts

    I'mma take this back under the 7 Day return thing EB's got going on and buy me some clickgame

  • Calamity JaneCalamity Jane That Wrong Love Registered User regular
    who here wants to get ill

    sars boy owns this game on xbox

    i do too

    we played with graves some days ago

    we killed brazillians

    i got a golden rocket launcher

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