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Seattle Psychiatrists

KamarKamar Registered User regular
edited November 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
Alright, I made a similar thread a while back but the specifics of my situation are different enough to warrant a different thread, I think.

Basically, I have (diagnosed and treated until I moved) bipolar disorder and (undiagnosed but even my doctor back home was like 'yeah you have it but we won't treat it') severe Adult ADD and need a psychiatrist that can deal with those things but won't break the bank (and will take uninsured patients). I tired all the different state-recommended mental health clinics, but apparently they're all packed to the gills with other broke people, so none are taking patients without insurance. There are like a billion psychiatrists and clinics in the city, though, and figuring out which ones suck and which ones don't would be a bit of a pain.

So here I am, asking you guys.

Location doesn't really matter much as long as I can get there on the buses, but for reference's sake I'm in Beacon Hill. Places that'll let me delay pay a small bit would be preferable, so I can get back on my meds soon instead of having to wait until next month when I start getting normal paychecks again, but I doubt there're many places like that.

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