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xraydog wrote:
Yes, if something doesn't work the first time it will never work ever at all forever.

Its annoying because it's shitty user experience.

I agree with both of these statements. It's silly to say you wasted your money because it's not working right away, but it IS a disgustingly lousy user experience which shows a total disregard for the customer.

Personally, I feel that the more useless, one time user accounts I have to create to actually play the game I just paid for, the more I enjoy the game. I can't wait for Grand Theft Auto V so that in addition to Steam I can sign up for Games for Windows Live, Rockstar Social Club, StarDock, Origin, SecuROM Validator, Punkbuster, Valve Anti-Cheat Service, Warden, and Martha Stewart Living.com

Jumping through fucking ridiculous hoops is like a metagame before the actual game, and I can't get enough of it!

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