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Web site Design - Logo and Layout

bebarcebebarce Registered User regular
edited November 2011 in Artist's Corner
So I'm working on a new personal site. Not trying to whore out anything, but I need some advice on the logo and design. So I came up with a logo that I'm reasonably okay with, but I would first like your opinion on it. The font I used to design it may not be legible enough, and i'm not sure if it creates too much dead space.


My other problem is based on the layout (still working with a wordpress template) it seems to just be floating in the middle of nowhere.


Is it just that my logo is too poor, or should I continue to modify the template so that is more inclusive of the logo as a header.

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    bebarcebebarce Registered User regular
    wow, apparently I use the same color on my site, that the vanilla forum uses.

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    rtsrts Registered User regular
    Yeah that typeface has to change.

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    SiegfriedSiegfried Registered User regular
    I agree, it's practically illegible. Perhaps just choose a simple old roman typeface and go from there. Since your tracking is very tight I think a fi ligature could look really nice in the first word.

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    ChromatomicChromatomic Mr. DCRegistered User regular
    Yeah the font has to go. Grunge/distressed type faces typically don't work well with outlines.

    Just off the top of my head I think a rounded Sans-serif or a playful Slab Serif could work.

    are two free possibilities, or even one that looks handwritten could be applicable here.

    If the site's primary audience is for kids the logo itself isn't very indicative of that. I'm seeing more of a grunge rock poetry slam type of vibe.

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    MagicToasterMagicToaster JapanRegistered User regular
    I'd like to know more about what First Audio Books is.

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    NibCromNibCrom Registered User regular
    Can you show us your rough drafts for the logo? I think it's got too much going on right now. It needs to be simple and legible in a small black and white version. Right now it's got the book, the mic, the text and that texture stuff. It's just got too much going on right now I think.

    Right now, the top header seems to have a lot of wasted space.

    Let's see some concept layouts!

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    bebarcebebarce Registered User regular
    @cakemilkz/sigfried/Chromatomic - I'll change the font. I liked it, but at the same time I realized that generally speaking it was ill suited for logos, and I guess I needed confirmation of that before I trashed it. I'll try out a couple different ones later tonight and pop them up for consideration.

    @nibcrom - I hate to say it, but i'm using the "tools at hand" which translates to using the skillset I have available to me and trying to make a product that is tolerable. That also means that 1. I dont have a rough draft (outside of the an attempted (and terrible) sketch of my logo and a general mental concept of how I wanted the site layed out. I picked up a free template from the wordpress market, and I (yes this is awful I know) vector traced free stock art of two components to come up with the image for the logo.
    I do eventually tweak things so that they eventually look somewhat different from the originals. Basically make them my own.

    The wasted space was my 2nd biggest concern. I'm still not sure whether I should come up with a completely different logo design to fit the template, or continue to modify the template more to properly fit the logo. I'm guessing if the answer isn't "you should go back to the drawing board" then it will most likely be the latter option.

    @magictoaster - I kept my post as vague as possible to avoid site whoring but since you asked. The site will be a community portal for people to post original audio books. Everything has to be originally done, which includes no fanfics. The site is still non functional but eventually people will be able to post (and then upon approval) share and promote their publications. Sale might come later once I have a better handle on it, and there is actual demand for it.

    It will also hopefully create a pool of people willing to coordinate in projects, whether it be writers, artists, voice actors, or productionists.

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    bebarcebebarce Registered User regular
    edited November 2011
    Changed it up a bit. The colors aren't set in stone yet, but of all the fonts I ran through, I liked these 3 the most. I'm thinking maybe the second?




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    MolybdenumMolybdenum Registered User regular
    I think you need to spend some more time figuring out how you're going to brand this as a whole before jumping into making everything look slick.
    for example-
    Is the basis of the website to showcase original works, or is it to encourage collaboration?

    If A, you'd be best of with some sort of catalog, even a coverflow-style slideshow. The website would act as a curatorial service, so all reader and author communication would happen through the admin/curator. "Email your submission, and we just might post it!"

    If B, what you really want is some sort of communications hub. People would need to be able to post their work for others to see, be it in a forum, on individual profiles or sub-pages, etc. , and thus the website should be designed with that in mind. Your front page would need to be tailored to each individual. "Frank R. has commented on your daft!"

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    bebarcebebarce Registered User regular
    I figured I could have the best of both. Two sides, a front end to showcase work, and authors in a directory of sorts. The back side of it is the community forum, where people can collaborate bounce ideas off each other, showcase their work to the community rather than what is normally viewed as the "public" front end. Much like many people who read Penny-Arcade never step foot into the forums.

    From that community (if it develops) I'd be able to draw together a governing or deciding body, that would have more control over what show's up on the front end. So while at the start I would be the deciding factor as to what goes up, as the community grows it would be taken away from me.

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    bebarcebebarce Registered User regular
    I've got the forum set up, and a location for all the content. The content still needs to be polished up.

    The colors are still a bit eccentric, but I think i'm moving in the right direction.

    Can anyone tell me their opinion on the audio?

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